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I photograph weddings using a photojournalistic or documentary approach, so I work towards gathering a collection of images that tell the story of your wedding as it unfolds, utlising available light, locations, and ambience.

I rarely use a speedlite, and work to use the natural environment and candid moments to portray my subjects in their best light. I attempt to be as unobtrusive as possible as a courtesy to the wedding guests and participants, and often use a telephoto to follow authentic, unscripted moments in time.

My aim is to deliver you the images your wedding deserves via a flexible series of service offerings that you can adapt to your needs and budget. I supply the full collection of digital negative files from the day as a standard part of the package. I also include the 'best' post-processed images in full resolution, in electronic form. You're then fully equipped to order prints as and when you like. Naturally, if you would like me to optimise prints for a particular purpose, or develop a Queensberry wedding album then I am happy to do so. I aim to make the wedding photography process as transparent and flexible as possible.

Pricing Options

Option 1 - The All Day Affair: Unlimited time photographing on the Wedding day with no set limits to the number of photographs. Online viewing of the best photos from the day (usually 200-300 images, within 2-3 weeks of the ceremony), with online ordering for your guests and friends, with print resolution electronic files available for download. Archive quality DVDs of the full collection of digital RAW files are provided as standard. Additional options are available, ranging from fine art quality prints or mounted works, or premium quality Queensberry wedding albums. I don't provide pricing information online, so if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Option 2 - A Half Day: A set number of hours photographing on the Wedding day. Online viewing of the best photos from the day and online ordering for your guests and friends, with print resolution electronic files available for purchase and download. Archive quality DVDs of the digital RAW files are provided as part of the package, with optional additions such as prints and Queensberry wedding albums available. Pricing is available on application.

Option 3 - For Visual Artists: Unlimited time photographing on the Wedding day, with no set limits to the number of photographs. Option to have RAW images transferred immediately, with optional image hosting for jpeg files. Discussion, collaboration, and co-creation of colour grading routines and XMP sidecar files included with post-processed RAW and jpeg images. Pricing is available on application.

Travel and Accommodation

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, so for weddings that require travel and accommodation in New Zealand, Australia, or further abroad there will be additional costs. Feel free to enquire if you have any questions.


'I can't thank you enough for the most amazing photos David. You have really captured our Wedding in such a special way. It's great to see the wonderful candid photos of our family and friends in the events surrounding the wedding and I have had so many comments about how brilliant your photos are. This was a very special time for us so thank you for capturing the very essence of our day with such clarity. Lucy :)'

'Kynan and I have just looked at your wonderful photographs together, and are blown away by your perceptive and emotive images of our special day. Thanks again for making the big trip up to Auckland to take some photographs for us.'

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