Well, where to start?

I'm a professional photographer, based in Auckland, New Zealand. I photograph people in all sorts of situations - getting married, doing business, or running around on the beach. At the core of my work is a pretty simple idea: that people look their best when they're engrossed in something that they love, and that 'something' is always better than 'Oh-there's-a-camera-pointing-at-me-how-should-I-look-quick-put-on-the-camera-face'.

Of course, I don't hide. But I do employ some pretty ninja skills to melt into the background.

I started out in photography after studying, lecturing, and researching business strategy. Of course, I then chose one of the most competitive industries in which you can undertake a freelance career. I realised quickly that while talent was important, so was good service and offering a straightforward and hassle free product choice.

And, it has worked well. My commercial clients have won awards featuring my work, summer weekends are spend photographing weddings, and I get to work with all sorts of talented creative types. Drop me a note if you want to hear more!